HydroAS | Description


HydroAS is a versatile and reliable software for the 2D simulation of watercourses and the surface runoff of precipitation. It is based on the numerical solution of the shallow water equations using the Finite-Volume-Method.

HydroAS provides script-driven simulations: Thus, model data can be changed, queried, output or read in during the simulation. Therefore, very complex control processes can be modeled in water management systems.

HydroAS has a wide range of applications including:

  • River flooding analysis
  • Heavy rainfall analysis/ urban flash flood modeling
  • Sediment erosion/depositions studies in river channels and floodplains
  • Tidal wave propagation
  • Pollutant dispersion in a waterway

HydroAS | Features

  • Short calculating time for millions of elements

  • Calculation accuracy guaranteed by extensive lab tests and real-world applications

  • High stability, robustness and accuracy for a wide spectrum of hydrodynamic conditions

  • Volumetric accuracy of the tidal wave propagation over complicated topography

  • Results showing flow speed, direction, and flood depth

  • Current changes caused by sediment aggradation/erosion are accurately simulated due to fully coupled transport (solid matter/pollutant/heat) and hydrodynamic solver

  • Transport simulation transport of up to twelve grain dimensions at the same time

  • Easy data input and operation through coupling with Aquaveo software SMS

  • 64-Bit Windows-Version and Linux Version available

  • Optional performance boost through the use of graphics cards (GPU) or multiprocessing

  • A graphical user interface allows you to conveniently run calculations, test procedures and export data.

  • Script-driven simulations

  • Available in English and German for Windows and Linux

  • HydroAS MapView enables the visualization of results in interactive animations.

HydroAS MapView

Kartenanimation mit MapView

HydroAS MapView add-ons enable the creation of impressive map animations from HydroAS results, to illustrate the progression of a flood caused by heavy rain or a flood event.

HydroAS MapView Converter conveniently creates the required data set for the animation from the result files. Numerous display and control functions can be defined. MapView Converter requires a separate license and supports HydroAS version 5.2 or higher.

HydroAS MapView Online provides the animation of the flood progression via internet. It enables you to publish heavy rainfall hazard maps for a municipality on the internet or communicate calculation results to your client very easily.

HydroAS MapView Desktop is used for the offline presentation of calculation results. It visualizes the results interactively, offering many display and control functions.The map animation can be exported to and played from a memory stick.

HydroAS MapView Desktop is available free of charge.

HydroAS | Scripting

With HydroAS you can replicate very complex control systems for water management by script-controlled simulations. Model data can be changed, queried, exported or imported during the calculation. The technical base is the widely used scripting language Lua.

HydroAS thus provides a foundation on which users can creatively develop their own applications.

For example:

  • Control systems for weirs, sulices, etc.
  • Automatic reading of inflow time series
  • Bidirectional interaction with other models (groundwater, sewer network models)
  • Simulation of dike or dam breaches

HydroAS | Extensions

You can use the following extensions to model additional processes or edit your modeling data efficiently.

HydroAS FT

The solid matter transport simulation model HydroAS  FT extends HydroAS to include transport processes (suspended matter and bedload).

HydroAS WT

HydroAS WT simulates the heat transport in flowing waters analogous to the transport of pollutants.
HydroAS Mesh Logo

HydroAS Mesh

Mesh-generator based on LIDAR-data for intelligent thinning of data and deriving of terrain edges.
HydroAS RiverMesh Logo

HydroAS RiverMesh

Efficient generation of 2D meshes for river channels. HydroAS RiverMesh uses profile plot data and shoreline information for this purpose.

HydroAS MapView

Easy creation of animated maps from HydroAS calculation results to illustrate the progression of a flood caused by heavy rain or flood events.
HydroAS MapWork

HydroAS MapWork

Additional data processor for HydroAS. It transfers grid terrain data directly from desktop GIS to the hydraulic model. HydroAS MapWork processes data from large area models with high performance.


JabPlot helps you create professional profile and longitudinal plots with just a few mouse clicks.

Hydrotec | About Us

Hydrotec is a consulting firm focusing on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative aspects of water resources systems and environmental issues as well as data ascertainment, planning of water resources management projects, project management, public relations and the development and marketing of water resources management software.

Hydrotec develops software products for hydronumerical and hydrological modelling as well as operational forecasting systems, database systems and web applications. We are experts in flood and heavy rainfall risk management and water-related climate change resilience concepts.

Our clients are federal or state ministries, state agencies, public water authorities and water boards, district and local administrations as well as expert offices from Germany and all over the world.

Founded in 1981 Hydrotec today has about 60 employees at its two offices in Germany. The Hydrotec team includes highly qualified civil engineers, geographers, physicists, biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists. The wide range of knowledge facilitates interdisciplinary work and is frequently complemented by partnerships with other consulting firms.

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